Check Out This Love(ly) Technique for Cutting Cucumbers

Looking to make your salad more eye-pleasing? Then we have just a thing for you. All you need is a cucumber and a love(ly) slicing technique shared by TikTok user @wevaper_us.

In a video shared on social media a while back, @wevaper_us demonstrated a cucumber-slicing technique that allows you to end up with heart-shaped cucumber slices. Sounds great? It looks even better.

To make heart-shaped cucumber slices, cut the end of the cucumber around a fourth of its length while placing your knife diagonally. Then, split the cucumber end down the middle, place the two pieces you got skin-way up on the cutting board, and join them together to form a heart.

Next, slice the cucumber lengthwise to get heart-shaped slices. The number of slices will depend on the thickness of the cucumber. Repeat the same with the other end of the cucumber.

These love(ly) cucumber slices are not just perfect for salad. You can also use them to visually improve all sorts of other dishes, and they are an amazing addition to the charcuterie board.

To make sure you are doing everything right and get the best results, check out the video from @wevaper_us with full instructions below.