Enjoy Brie Cheese at Its Best With These Tips

Image by PDPhotos from Pixabay

It is safe to say that brie is one divisive cheese. Some love its taste and gooey characteristics, while others believe it isn’t the kind of cheese you can be excited about. But the thing is that a lot of people probably didn’t experience brie at its best. Because in order to do so, you need to follow some tips.

Get it To Room Temperature

Brie isn’t one of those cheeses you should eat straight out of the fridge. Brie loves warmth, so you should always get it out of the fridge and wait until it reaches room temperature before diving in. As it warms up, the cheese becomes more flavorful.

Cut It in Wedges

Wedges are the best shape to cut brie. Not only does it look pretty, but many brie enthusiasts claim that the tip of the brie wedge is the most flavorful part.

Don’t Remove the Rind

Rind of the brie cheese is not only edible but recommended to be eaten. It contributes a subtle nutty hint and provides a contrast to the gooey inside.

Pair it With Fruit

Brie and fruit are a perfect match. The sweetness of the fruit goes amazingly with the creamy nature of brie and results in a completely different experience. Peaches, plums, and figs are the most popular fruits to combine with brie.