Have You Tried the Impossible Whopper?

One of the biggest trends in fast food in recent years has been a shift towards plant-based menu options. Just a few months ago, international fast-food giant Burger King joined the bandwagon, introducing a revolutionary new offering that has become hugely popular: the Impossible Whopper.

After partnering with Impossible Foods, one of the industry pioneers in plant-based meat alternatives, the chain released a burger that is exactly like its original Whopper burger, only using a faux meat patty.

Reviews have been mostly positive, praising the vegan patty’s ability to almost exactly emulate the taste of a real beef patty.

The secret ingredient in the Impossible Whopper patty just might be soy leghemoglobin, a hemoglobin that is found in the soy plant. Containing heme, an iron-carrying molecule that imitates the taste of meat closely, the patty is said to be the closest option to the “real thing” that has been introduced to the market.

Burger King’s willingness to take a step outside of the box and introduce this new type of meat alternative to the fast-food market might just be the first in a long line of chains to make this decision. Give it a try, and be one of the first to the new plant-based foods party!