Here’s Why Tupperware is Your Kitchen’s Best Friend

Do you like to use tupperware in your kitchen?

Tupperware is actually a brand name, believe it or not. Although we commonly associate the term with plastic kitchen storage boxes, it actually comes from the name of a company that invented the product.

Tupperware is commonly used in kitchens, from homes to industrial restaurant cooking spaces, for the storage and conservation of foods. Here are some reasons why it can be your best friend in the kitchen.


If your kitchen is a disorganized disaster, tupperware can help you regain order. Instead of having unmarked plastic bags or tons of open containers crowding your refrigerator or pantry, use tupperware to organize and label your foods and leftovers.

Food Preservation

Tupperware is a food storage unit that you can close, refrigerate, and freeze. This makes it perfect for preserving food for longer amounts of time. For example, if you’ve made a batch of stewed tomatoes that’s too big for one meal, you can refrigerate or freeze them in a tupperware container instead of letting it go bad.


Despite being made out of plastic, tupperware is still eco-friendly. Why? First, it reduces the amount of food waste created by people. Second, since they are reusable, it’s infinitely better than using plastic bags, for example.