How to Quickly Soften Ice Cream

Ice cream scoops
Photo by American Heritage Chocolate on Unsplash

Ice cream is a summer staple, but there’s nothing worse than going for some and it being rock hard. While there are ways to thaw it out, some will leave you with super melty ice cream around the edges of the carton while it’s still hard in the center, making for a mess. So, what’s the best way to quickly soften ice cream?


The best way to soften ice cream is to do it in the refrigerator because it makes the temperature even throughout the carton and the texture consistent. Let it sit in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Cutting It

If you don’t have time to wait for your ice cream to thaw you can cut it. Start by running a sharp knife under hot water to heat it up and then slice the ice cream crosswise and then lengthwise. Heat up the scoop by running it under hot water and then use the scoop to dig into the slices.


This is the quickest way to soften ice cream and probably the most popular. Just put the tub into the microwave and turn the microwave at 30% power for about 30 seconds.