These are the Best Hot Dog Mustards

Different mustards
Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Not all mustards are equal. Some go better with German sausages, others go better with hamburgers, and some are just perfect for hot dogs. Mustard connoisseurs know which mustards go best with which dishes, but do you? These three mustards are optimal for topping hot dogs. Check them out!

Yellow Mustard

The classic hot dog mustard is this simple, clean variety that is known and loved all over the world. The bright yellow color of this type of mustard comes from turmeric powder, which is used to give the condiment both flavor and a striking appearance.

Spicy Brown Mustard

Like spicy flavors? If so, then you will definitely want to try this type of mustard on your next hot dog, which has a strong and pungent flavor. It’s often enhanced with horseradish sauce, which gives it a real kick.

Ballpark Mustard

This mustard, which originated in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1970s at the city’s sports venues, is now known in many places. It’s a little spicier than traditional brown mustard and it also includes a unique vinegary touch.