May is Coming Up, So Be Sure to Celebrate These Food Holidays

Can you believe that it is almost May? The fifth month of the year means that summer is just around the corner, the temperatures are rising, and also that there are a ton of food holidays that we should add to our calendars to celebrate!

Here are some of my top choices for celebrations to participate in this May.

National Homebrew Day: May 4th

Homebrewing is becoming more and more popular these days, with craft beer lovers opting to produce their own beers in the comfort of their own homes. If you haven’t yet started with your own homebrew project, why not pick the fourth of May to start?

National Apple Pie Day: May 13th

Nothing says America like apple pie, and this traditional and beloved dessert gets its own day on this Wednesday. Whether you prefer a lattice topping, a brown sugar apple pie crumble, or the version that McDonald’s sells in its drive-thrus, this day is for eating a slice!

National Macaroon Day: May 31st

The last day of the month has been dedicated to the celebration of macaroons, one of France’s most well-known culinary exports. Made with egg whites and ground almonds and available in a number of flavors, celebrate the end of the month with one of these delicious confections!