Office Microwave Etiquette You Should Always Follow

Office Microwave Etiquette
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Sharing an office microwave with the rest of your co-workers can turn into a total nightmare if people fail to respect some basic rules. If you’re not 100% sure what those rules are, here are five mistakes you should avoid so you wouldn’t get into an uncomfortable situation at work.

Proper Clean-Up

If you notice any spots or stains inside the microwave that weren’t there beforehand, that’s probably the mess of your own making and you should be the one to clean it up.

Proper Cover

If you’re heating up a soup, oatmeal, or some other dish with liquid-like consistency, make sure to cover it up so it wouldn’t splatter all over the microwave.

Strong Smells

Seafood, spicy dishes, and other smelly foods are best left for some other occasion because you might annoy your co-workers by heating them up in the office microwave.

Stick Around

Once you turn on the microwave, you should stay where you are and wait up for your food so other people wouldn’t have to wait for you. Resetting your microwave to the default setting is also a must.

Wait For Your Turn

Speaking of other people waiting for their turn, you should do the same. If you notice there’s food in the microwave, wait up until someone gets it outside before putting yours in.