Smoothie bowl art that’s almost too pretty to eat

Photo via hazelzakariya/Instagram

New Zealand-based experimental artist, Hazel Zakariya, adopts a very interesting medium for her artwork: smoothie bowls. Using simple, natural ingredients including cream, milk, and fruit for the base plus coconut cream, almond milk, herbs, spices, powders, and flower petals as add-on decorations, Zakariya has created an awe-inducing portfolio of edible art that’s (almost) too pretty to eat.

Zakariya’s subjects of merit include animals and pop cultural figures, giving them incredibly vibrant life and pizazz with the amount of detail, precision, and coloring that goes into her tasty works of art.

Her Instagram account already boasts over 27,000 followers, with hoards of people just as enamored by her creations as we are. We personally love the pop cultural references, with subjects of note including Leo DiCaprio as The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter, and Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Which designs do you personally fancy the most?