The Latest Beverage Industry Trends

If you like to stay up to date with the latest food and drinks trends, this post is made for you. You can find some of the top beverage trends for 2020 listed below. Let’s see how the beverage industry will transform in the year ahead of us.


Sustainability is one of the biggest trends for 2020 in many industries, and when it comes to the beverage industry, it means focusing on using less single-use plastic bottles and cups and generating less plastic waste whenever possible. Reusable cups and bottles are the way to go.


Kombucha has been around for a few years, but 2020 is the year when it will become a staple instead of just another fad trend that eventually goes away. That’s right, kombucha is here to stay.

Milk Alternatives

We’re already used to plant-based milk options being available at chain coffee shops, but you can expect to see even more alternatives to dairy milk in 2020. Get ready to drink more coconut, rice, oat, and hemp milk.