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Iced coffee and cold brew

Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee: What’s the Difference?

Cold-brew and iced coffee—what's the difference? They're both cold drinks and they look the same, but cold brew costs much more—what gives? Which one should you order at your coffee shop? Here's everything...
Champagne cocktails

3 Celebratory Champagne Based Cocktails

Champagne and champagne-based cocktails shouldn’t only be reserved for your birthday or New Year’s Eve. They go with any celebration even if what you’re celebrating is another Friday finally arriving. Here are a...
Ice coffee recipe

Check Out This Practical Ice Coffee Recipe For Daily Life

There are countless ice coffee recipes out there, but this one will help you out in a way that actually matters. When you're at work, you don't have time to mess around with...
Orange juice tips

Creative Ways to Use Orange Juice in Your Kitchen

Orange juice is one of the most popular beverages on the market, but you shouldn’t only consume it when you’re in the mood to drink something refreshing. This beloved drink comes with a...
Drinks with ice

The Best Types of Ice to Use for Different Drinks

When it comes to cocktails and other iced drinks, ice content has a larger effect than you may realize. As the ice melts it dilutes your drink, affecting the taste as you drink...
Aperol Spritz

How to Make the Cocktail Found All Over Italy

If you travel around Italy, in each cafe and restaurant you'll notice a particular cocktail that everyone seems to be drinking. It's red-orange and served in a large wine glass with ice and...
Don't drink these after a workout

3 Things Not to Drink After Working Out

After you finish a workout, sometimes all your body craves is a refreshing beverage. Just be careful with what you drink during this time! Here are three drinks to avoid after a workout.
Plant-based milk

Plant-Based Milk Can Have Excessive Amounts of Sugar

If you stop by a coffee shop chain for a hot cup of your favorite coffee and pick a plant-based milk option instead of dairy, know that it may contain a lot more...
Pumpkin spice coffee

This One Tip Will Elevate Your Pumpkin Spiced Coffee

We might not be in the fall season, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some of the most delicious drinks that autumn has to offer. Fans of pumpkin pie spice coffee wouldn't...
Cocktail mixers

3 Best Cocktail Mixers to Try Right Now

Cocktail mixers have drastically improved over the past few years. There are many new companies, often run by former bartenders, that now make high-quality mixers that are much better than the stuff you...


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